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Programs We Support


Mái Ấm Mai Tâm

Mai Tam House of Hope is a home for 100 children and support center for about 400 children and mothers affected by HIV/AIDS.  Mai Tam provides shelter, medicine, medical care, education, referrals for residents and the many walk-ins it receives in need of support. The children living at Mai Tam are both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS-some are HIV positive or have AIDS and some are orphans or children of persons with HIV/AIDS.


Mái Ấm Thông Xanh

is located in the highland village of Ta Nung, Lam Dong province.  It is the home for 30 orphans and abandoned ethnic children of the Cill, K Ho, Lach tribes, age ranging from 5-20 yrs. In 1998, the Sisters implemented a nutritional program to aid severely malnourished children, age 1-4 years, by providing daycare and 3 meals a day.  This program not only saves the children from sickness and hunger, it allows the parents to go to work and bring home the income that’s much needed for their impoverished family.

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Cồn Én Daycare

Young, pre-school children on this small island in the Mekong Delta in southern Viet Nam were usually hungry, unsupervised, and often unsafe (especially during monsoon).  Recognizing the need of safety for these youngsters, the parents asked the local Catholic Church to open a daycare in order to provide a safe environment and

early preschool  for their children.  Since 2009, Bridging Hope has collaborated with the local church providing supervision, nutrition and education for approximately 60 impoverished children

After School Support

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