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Programs We Support


Mái Ấm Mai Tâm

Mai Tam House of Hope is a home for 100 children and support center for about 400 children and mothers affected by HIV/AIDS.  Mai Tam provides shelter, medicine, medical care, education, referrals for residents and the many walk-ins it receives in need of support. The children living at Mai Tam are both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS-some are HIV positive or have AIDS and some are orphans or children of persons with HIV/AIDS.


Mái Ấm Thông Xanh

is located in the highland village of Ta Nung, Lam Dong province.  It is the home for 30 orphans and abandoned ethnic children of the Cill, K Ho, Lach tribes, age ranging from 5-20 yrs. In 1998, the Sisters implemented a nutritional program to aid severely malnourished children, age 1-4 years, by providing daycare and 3 meals a day.  This program not only saves the children from sickness and hunger, it allows the parents to go to work and bring home the income that’s much needed for their impoverished family.

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Loving House for Ethnic &
Poor Children at Gia Pa

Gia Pa is situated in the heart of the Central Highlands within Duc Trong District of Lam Dong Province. This region is home to two closely-knit K' Ho ethnic villages. Unfortunately, many of the residents in this area face significant challenges due to limited access to education and resources, which has resulted in a lower standard of living for the community.


The primary objective of the program is to offer vital support to underprivileged children who are not currently enrolled in school or have dropped out, with a specific focus on ethnic minority children, those with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged youngsters, enabling them to access and thrive in a school environment.

Friendly Home

This project's primary aim is to provide sustenance for 33 underprivileged ethnic minority students, ensuring they receive adequate food and essential nutrients to promote physical well-being. Additionally, we extend support to underage girls who are no longer eligible for school admission and engage in activities at the Friendly Home.

While we recognize the significant demand for assistance among young people, our facility has reached its capacity and cannot accept more residents. When our students visit their families on the weekend, we supply some food to their households, which not only alleviates the food shortage at home but also encourages parents to permit their daughters to return to the boarding home and continue their education.

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Loving House for Ethnic and Poor Children at Đăng Srỗn

Đăng Srỗn is situated in the Central Highlands of Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province. This region is home to the Đăng Scron ethnic communities. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the population in this area faces challenges related to illiteracy and lives in conditions of extreme poverty.

The program is dedicated to facilitating and empowering disadvantaged children from this ethnic minority group, with a particular focus on those with disabilities and those in dire financial circumstances who have never had the opportunity to attend school.

Providence Boarding House
Phnom Penh

The Providence Sisters of Portieux have operated the Women's Boarding House in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since 1996. This facility has provided a home for over 20 girls aged 13 to 21, hailing from extremely underprivileged families in remote areas. These regions often lack schools, or they only offer primary education, resulting in the risk of illiteracy for these young girls. Additionally, some of them face the dangers of exploitation and drug-related problems within their families.

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