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Treasured Encounters

Every year some members of our organization travel to Viet Nam at their own expenses to visit the children, the villages, and the center which we support. We see the children’s lives unfolding, we hear their stories and questions, but most noticeably, we see their hopes and dreams. A hope of being cured, of getting an education; a dream of becoming a teacher, a care provider like those who love and care for them.


After School Play Work

There is no such thing as play for these school children.  To help their poverty-stricken families, they work instead. 


4. EM GÁI  K' Trường Thắng 1.jpg

Savoring Every Bite

Nothing is taken for granted in the poor villages of Dang Sron, where every bite of food is savored


What to Bring to School?

Notebook, check! 

Pen & pencil, check!

A hat for the long walk to school, check!  Oh, and baby sister too!


A Trip to Remember

Half a globe apart from each other, children of Christmas for Breakfast know what it means to connect by heart


Hidden Faces

Behind tall buildings and flashy shopping centers, a different world exists .  This is what we see...


Life in Dang Sron

Encounter the hardships Dang Sron villagers face and the people that are trying to change the fate of lives there

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