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Savoring Every Bite


K’Trương Thắng, a 12-year-old boy, belongs to the Gia Pa tribe, an indigenous minority group in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, with its own language. The closest road is approximately 5 miles from their location. In the early morning, the adults set out in search of daily employment, leaving the children to fend for themselves. These children are responsible for finding food while also looking after their younger siblings. This situation exposes them to malnutrition and accidental injuries.

At the age of seven, Thang began tending to cows for a modest fee. Each day, he would also search for fish, shrimps, and shoot birds with his sling to supplement his family's meals. The family's typical meal consisted of a bowl of rice and vegetable broth, and Thang was acutely aware of his hunger and the need to grow. As a result, he held onto that meal tightly and savored every bite. Thang attended grade school intermittently, but due to language barriers and often an empty stomach, his desire to learn felt more like a distant dream.

Upon joining the Sisters Center, Thang received a comprehensive support package, including nutritious meals, clothing, school supplies, and tutoring in all his school subjects. Additionally, his family received supplementary food items like rice and dried goods. This support was provided in exchange for Thang's day labor, representing a small yet significant step towards helping him achieve his dream of pursuing an education


Inside an old classroom in Gia Pa Village


New Year treats!


Riding home after night class


Inside a classroom in a newly established school

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